What are the Community Rules & Regulations?

This outline is only to serve as a general guideline to set a standard for user action and behavior.

Rules are Regulations are Subject to Change.


1. No Discrimination.
Negative or disparaging remarks against any race, culture, beliefs, sexuality, gender, or nationality. Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.

2. No Spamming.
Spamming is posting messages with no real content in them, or off-topic posts. These posts are often one-liners, and will be deleted.
Please ask yourself if your message is constructive or contributes to the thread/forum before you post. Spamming images or image macros falls under this category, and so do PMs and visitor messages.

3. No Advertising.
Advertising products, referral links, or alternate game-related fan sites via threads, posts, private messages, and signatures are not allowed.
This includes referral URLs and advertising in signatures. Please report bots, they will be permabanned.

4. No Hacking.
Sharing or posting links or files pertaining to hacking, how to hack, piracy, or links to sites that may cause harm to another user’s computer.
This would include “cheating mods” that remove or abuse network configurations.

5. Do not create threads in the wrong section.
This seems like it’s pretty straight-forward, but we have to move threads every day. Questions go in Questions & Answers.
Off-Topic Discussion is for DISCUSSION threads, not for “hey guys I’m eating ice cream right now”.

6. No Backseat Moderation.
Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules.
Backseat moderating is annoying and pointless, as posting “this thread is in the wrong section!!” does not help alert moderators that the thread is in the wrong section.
Use the report button instead. This also includes posts like “___ should be banned from the forums”.

7. No “Adult” Content
This includes threads, posts, images, fan fiction, drawings, videos & links, game mods, etc.

8. Bans and Infractions
If you have been banned do not attempt to circumvent your remaining ban time. Do not create alternate accounts.
If you have questions or concerns about moderated action taken (regarding bans for example), submit a ticket or email using the contact us form. Do not abuse the report function.


Any site related issues should only be taken through the ticket submission system or contact us form.

The Report Button
Feel free to report someone if you feel any of these rules are being violated.

Thank you.

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