Is my information secure?

Rest assured, all transactions are handled by secured servers.

GameGuardian & Gateways such as PayPal and G2A use SSL technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when you send a payment, we do not  receive or handle sensitive financial information like your card or bank account number- the 3rd party gateway does. Meaning, we do not see or handle your information, only gateways like PayPal do. This way, you don’t have to worry about un-involved parties.

We at GameGuardian also hold this standard. You can tell if your information is secure by looking at the top left of the browser URL, and locating “HTTPS”, rather than “HTTP” as well as a Green Padlock. This notates if the site is secured through SSL. Again, GameGuardian receives no personal information involving payment, that is handled by the Payment Gateway.

The information that we handle are order specifications, such as usernames (Steam / PlayStation / GamerTag), contact and account information, however once orders are completed, we safely and securely discard of such information.

If you are concerned about security, we suggest that you are involved in best practice by changing all passwords regularly. Statistically, the greatest risk to any user is using the same password for multiple platforms, or using the same password for an extended period of time. We suggest using two-step authentication whenever possible, as well as generated and encrypted passwords- storing your information in a secure vault such as LastPass.

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