Can I get a refund for an order that I placed?

Refunds depend on the circumstances of the request.

There are several situations in which a refund or reimbursement may or may not be valid.
Please reference the following list for a case by case basis of standards when requesting or issuing refunds.

These are the situations in which refunds are valid:

  • + You accidentally placed an order and the order has not been completed yet;
  • + You have not received your service or product yet;
  • + Order or task has not been fulfilled;

These are the situations in which refunds are invalid:

  • + You expected or assumed more than what the service description described;
  • + The results of an in-game programmed number generator (“RNG”) did not result in your favor. ie, Boss did not drop desired loot upon Raid completion;
  • + In retrospect of completing an order, you realize you chose the incorrect service or product;
  • + You left prior to order completion, to benefit- yet not have the order classified as complete;
  • + You ordered a service or product to another user as a gift;
  • + A sale or promotion has started just after placing an order (we publicly share when promotions are before launching them);

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