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Is It Fate? Or is it…

Is It Fate? Or is it…

As you may already know from our latest update, we are diligently working on adopting and adding Destiny 2 to the growing list of games we plan on supporting. The addition of this service is supported by the upcoming update releasing September 4th, 2018 called “Forsaken”.

If you know the history of GameGuardian, you are probably aware that one of the biggest influences for the creation of GameGuardian is our
passion for the Destiny franchise and the release of Destiny 1.

You may not know this, but when GameGuardian was founded, we didn’t want to put ourselves in a box by strictly being referred to by “X of Destiny” or “Destiny xxxxx”, not that there is anything wrong with it. We strive to provide services to all gamers, not just Destiny players- yet at the same time we wanted to acknowledge the importance and influence of Destiny at the time; thus, GameGuardian was born. Not completely destiny related, yet references guardians of Destiny. What better than to convey protecting, leading and helping players overcome the most difficult of gaming challenges.

In the end, maybe it was fate? or maybe…

Destiny… 2

Let’s talk about it.

So what should you be expecting from all of this?

We don’t want to give too much away right now, especially since we’re in the process of getting everything together and not everything is known about what is coming with Forsaken. However, you can expect to see support for the latest Destiny 2 content being updated regularly as events and further updates are released. Of course, the main staples of the Destiny franchise should continue to be covered, such as Trials of the Nine, formally known as Trials of Osiris, Exotic Weapon Quests, Raids, Leveling and more.

As we get closer and closer to the release date of Forsaken and subsequent updates, the one thing we ask of you is a bit of grace period as we react to the changes that are occurring.  We will move quickly to assess player demand but unfortunately not instantly or preemptively as we are waiting for updates like everyone else.

With all of that said, we will continue to regularly update you about the going-ons of GameGuardian and your favorite Video Game titles.

If you know about some of the things to come in Destiny 2, or would like to request support for games and/or services, Leave a comment to this post, chat with us live or send an email to We would love to hear from you.

As always, see you in-game.

Launch Projection & Expectations

Launch Projection & Expectations

As per the last update that we posted, everything is on schedule for the permanent re-launch on August 14th, 2018. To go more into detail about our general plans for the continuation of 2018 and what you should expect as a visitor and member, we’ll start off with regular updates! One of the challenges that we want to tackle is to stay in contact with regular updates to inform you of where we are, and where we are going; a simple way of making sure everyone is on the same page as we listen to community feedback.

We know that a lot of people normally don’t read blogs or keep up with updates about things they have an interest in (It’s okay, we don’t either). However the main purpose of these updates isn’t to post meaningless content, but rather to announce, discuss and inform others of future updates and changes to the GameGuardian platform. These changes may be changes to policy, usage, added benefits, additional game title coverage, services, products and more!

We should note that, there will be occasional times of maintenance, where the platform will be limited or unavailable for medium periods of time. Maintenance is typically to update, solidify or streamline the platform. Other than that there should be no downtime in activity, interaction or service; even then we will do our best to let everyone know to expect these temporary down times via global site notices several hours prior to these events.

As far as the continuation of 2018, our expectations are to smooth out any inconsistencies with the platform, including bug fixes or other requirements. Initially, as you may have noticed- we will solely offer services for Fortnite: Battle Royale! However there is much more on the horizon for game titles and services that we will be providing. For example, in anticipation for one of the more popular franchise’s updates, services for Destiny 2: Forsaken are currently being developed as we approach the release date of September 4th, 2018.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Update

Destiny 2 – Forsaken ― September 4th, 2018

Typically when adopting a game title to support, we would like to have the services made available prior to launch, however in this situation (Destiny 2: Forsaken) it’s hard to know what to expect as far as content and services that will be in demand- but be on the lookout as we release news and announcements about upcoming game additions and updates. Also, be sure to tell us what you would like to see service wise for your favorite game titles. The sooner members like you tell us what you want to see, the sooner we can get to work on it for you.

We’re aren’t fans of lengthy posts as they can contain a decent amount of unneeded filler content, so we’ll wrap up here. But as for now- be sure to stay up to date about all things GameGuardian as we move forward and inform you about things to come in the near future.

Until then, we’ll see you online.

Pre-launch Update

Pre-launch Update

We are currently in the pre-launch development cycle and working on the GameGuardian Platform. Our launch date is expected to be August 14th, 2018. Please bare with us as we debug any issues that arise during the coming weeks.

If you notice any glitches or issues or have any questions, please leave a comment, contact us via Live chat or send an email at
We are also interested to know if there are any features or requests that you would like to suggest. We’re listening. Stay tuned for regular updates.