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Is there something you feel you have to offer related to the growth and development of GameGuardian?
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The Motto

"Always Better"

At GameGuardian we continue to  look for talent that excels in their respective field.
Strong individuals make for a strong team. Typically, one can only expect to be as strong as the weakest link. 

We’re different. We excel. But more importantly- we strive for greater.

If you think that you would fit well in an environment with these standards, please consider submitting an application where appropriate;

Though understand, performance and expectations must be kept high to continue to deliver a satisfactory product.

Job opportunities

become an Associate

Gaming Affiliate

Have what it takes to overtake the competition? If you repetitively win against the worst of odds- then let’s talk. Submit an application and describe your strengths, qualities and qualifications.

Demand: Highest

SEO & Marketing

How can you be a service if you have no one to serve? If you have the access or ability to reach a large and appropriate audience, then fill out an application! Demand will regularly change.

Demand: Medium

Community Management

Social engagement is important. If left unattended, things can go poor very fast. This is where you come in. If you’re fair, unbiased, can plan events and moderate communities- Tell us!

Demand: Medium


To be a service to someone is to support them. If you are eager to help others and resolve potential and active issues- we could use your help. Necessity: Be reliably available during large periods of time.

Demand: Low

Video Editing (Multimedia)

Are you able to convey many styles fluidly and efficiently through video and animation? Patience and respect greatly valued. Your service not only clients, but also for GameGuardian marketing materials.

Demand: Low

Web Development

Can you develop interactive web pages, sliders, applications, plugins, scripts, API Hooks and other applications? We have both small and large projects, so if you have any skills to offer, let us know!

Demand: Medium

Art & Graphic Design

Some of you are very creative and intuitive. If you can convey aspects of the GameGuardian vision- you are exactly what we need. Examples are: products, services, events, marketing pieces and branding.

Demand: Very High

Selling & Distribution

In some games, the only way to win- is to have a footing in the market. If you can tap into in-game currency market shares, please submit an application. All game markets desired. (IE. Runescape gold)

Demand: High

The Process

Application & Acceptance


Enter your information accurately and honestly. After a period of upto 2 weeks (14 days), we will respond via the provided Email address. Repeat or abusive applicants might not receive a response and/or may be locked from further submissions. User information will be encrypted and archived for potential future reference.


Once an application has been submitted, upon denial- You will receive an Email describing the status, and the reasons for nonacceptance. For the acceptance process, we will contact you regarding the next steps to take to make everything official. Different positions require different steps, so we will move from there.

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