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Dedicated gaming service for competitive players. Providing premium experiences in Gaming and Multimedia.


GameGuardian is a gaming community built by us, for us. We are a community of gamers like you. The passion we have for gaming drives us to be the best players that we can be. Included in this community holds some of the most talented players in the world, relating to clear times, efficiency in player verses environment (PVE) and player vs player (PVP) activities.

We offer many gaming services such as Montage Editing, Win Boosting, Coaching, Character and Account Leveling and Player Trading. Our goal is to offer help to the community and general public in whichever way that we can pertaining to gaming.

How We're Different

At GameGuardian, we only accept the best of the best players, and generously compensate our skilled and honorable players based on services rendered. This connection keeps everything running efficiently with care.

Most competitors are only involved in the industry for a quick buck, with no regard for what is important to you.

Your best interest, is our best interest. That’s the difference.

Often times competing companies may use tools or methods that compromise your valuable accounts and data, such as Hacking, Scripts, Network Manipulation, DDoS’ing and other forms malpractice when completing services.

That’s not how we operate.
We rely on talents and skill.

With GameGuardian, you can rest assured knowing that everything is done above board, legally and in-line with game services ToS.

We Excel

Our success allows us to grow and expand beyond just video games. We are involved in Video & Audio Engineering as well as Network Development and Coding.

All of these aspects are being used for your benefit as we provide you with the best service that we can. What we expect from our GameGuardian affiliates is near perfection.

Quality comes first.


The Problem

The Answer

We understand the frustration that can come with games, companies and other external factors that prevent us from enjoying and achieving what we desire as players. The reality is that in the scope of majority of games, the outcome is either a loss, or a win.
Despite the negatives, we genuinely enjoy gaming- Especially learning and progressing through them. As players, we grow stronger together, and become better because of it. We are in this together. With Game Guardian, you’re with people just like you.

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What you can expect

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

With GameGuardian, not only do we complete your order, but we go above and beyond what is required!  Often times our service includes additional benefits in order to achieve your goals.

For example, completing end-game activities such as raids may also raise your character’s level and drop rare and valuable rewards in addition to simply completing the task.


Our services may include all the following benefits and offerings; But not limited to:

what can we do for you?

Our number ONE goal is to provide video game enthusiasts a consistent and reliable advantage in their goals to become the best player that they can be. We strive to not only complete your requests, but also leave a lasting positive experience that you can grow with to become a better independent player, picking up tips, gear, skill and knowledge along the way.

Character Leveling

Updates happen. Maintaining and leveling your characters can be difficult, especially at the higher levels. We’ve got you covered

Lessons & Coaching

Increase your skill with the help of top ranking players. Learn strong habits and strategies of players that consistently win

Leaderboard Ranking

Need to rank up but don’t have the time or patience to deal with frustrating players? We’ll handle it so you don't have to

Video / Montage Editing

Have some amazing clips? Let's use them to create something awesome to show everyone with our Montage Editing Service

Currency & Player Trading

Want to get stronger and develop your character but need in game gear or currency? Order now for instant power

Valuable Connections

At GameGuardian, you develop relationships and grow with serious players that adapt and excel above the rest

From Our Clients

” Phenomenal service delivered quickly and professionally. They even award you with loyalty points that you can use on the site when you order. Highly recommended! “
— Behic
” Admittedly I was nervous but they were very chill and professional! I definitely recommend them! Best PvP players I’ve ever played with hands down. ”
— Bawz
” The players were extremely nice and professional and I look forward to improving while playing with some of the best players around.. ”
— Mr JDubbs
“ I am shocked at how fast this service was! I played with two of the best players I have seen in forever. Definitely believe the reviews; these guys are the real deal. ”
— KbSharp21

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